What To Expect

What to expect

when you visit

When you arrive at Ebenezer we invite you to park in our parking lot (which has disabled parking spots) or utilize on-street parking. Once inside you will be greeted and if needed, someone will be happy to guide you direct you to the sanctuary or one of classrooms.

The worship experience last about an hour and 45 mins and includes worship through preaching, giving and singing. Our worship experience is a myriad of traditional and contemporary liturgy and music styles.

When the clergy enter the sanctuary we sing the Doxology and are called to worship. After which we offer 3 or 4 praise and worship songs to the Lord followed by:

  1. Prayer
  2. Musical Selection
  3. Children’s Message
  4. Missionary/Outreach
  5. Offering
  6. Pastoral Announcements and Welcome of Guest
  7. Passing of the Peace (Shaking of Hands)
  8. Scripture
  9. Decalogue
  10. Tithes and General Offering
  11. Sermonic Hymn
  12. Sermon
  13. Prayer
  14. Benediction

Immediately following worship we invite you to shake the Pastors hand and fellowship with the Believers at Ebenezer.

To assist you with the Worship Experience you will be given a bulletin to follow and the Order of Service will be displayed on the T.V.’s in the sanctuary. Additionally, during the welcome you will be given a welcome package to take home with you and review and we ask that you fill out the guest card so that we can stay in touch with you in the future.