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Easy and convenient ways to cheerfully sow into the kingdom of God through giving.

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Financial Stewardship

Much of what we receive in our lives is a result of something greater than the productive efforts of our own minds and hands; most are the “Blessings of God.”   The joy of being blessed by God is only matched by the joy of being a blessing to the Kingdom of God.  Deuteronomy 16:17 phrases it this way: 

  • “Give as you are able, according as the Lord has blessed you.” (Living Bible).
  • “Each of you shall bring such a gift as he [she] can in proportion to the blessing which the Lord your God has given you.”  (New English Bible).

Ebenezer is committed to fiscal excellence, accountability, and  financial faithfulness.  Therefore, we pride ourselves on biblical principles of financial stewardship and encourage persons in our community of faith to tithe — give a tenth portion of all your increase to God through the church.   Tithes and offerings are received by:

  • Cash;
  • Check or 
  • Electronically (online or by text)

Please note that a percentage of what you contribute online, is withheld as a processing / transaction fee

Tithing Declaration

I stand to proclaim that in obedience to God’s word and as an act of faith, I have brought the whole tithe into the storehouse and unto the High Priest, Jesus Christ.  God is not a liar, therefore I expect my financial seed to unlock and open the windows of heaven.  I am a good steward of my resources and seek God’s divine guidance for how to abundantly live off of 90% of my increase.  I expect an increase in every area of my life for me and my family; claiming Jobs and Better Jobs; Benefits, Bonuses & Raises; Settlements, Estates & Inheritances; Interest & Income; Rebates & Returns; Gifts & Surprises; Land and Property; Lost money found; Bills paid off and Debts demolished.

I believe God is rebuking the devourer for my sake because I have prepared and purposed to give with expectation and a glad heart.   I have no lack in my life or home and every need of this house and my house is supplied because God has loosed a blessing for me good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over that family, friends, and strangers are handing over to me in Jesus Name, Amen